The 2017 Playlist


The 2017 Playlist

I listen to music all day, every day.  I particularly enjoy searching for music I've never heard.  When I hear a new song I like, I add it to one playlist, all year long.  At the end of the year, I go through that playlist and choose one song for each artist and then cut out a bunch more so the playlist is at an even number.  Last year it was 300 songs by 300 different artists and this year I've added 50% more, making the list a whopping 450 songs by 450 different artists.  The list can be played from start to finish or simply shuffled.

While the majority of the tracks were released in the 2017 calendar year, this is not "A Year in Music" playlist but a playlist documenting the music I enjoyed in 2017, new or old. 

Use this list as a jumping off point.  If you find an artist or song you like, go check out them out!  There's 450 artists with entire discographies just waiting for you!  Enjoy!


These are the first 200 tracks.  See the rest on Spotify!


Statistics provided by Spotify.


These were my Top Artists of 2017


My favorite NEW ARTISTS OF 2017


My most anticipated releases of 2018


busiest Artists of 2017

Each artist is only given one song, but if they appear on other artist's songs, they can be on multiple tracks. 
These artists performed more than two songs from The 2017 Playlist.

Charli XCX

David Guetta's "Dirty Sexy Money" 
Mura Masa's "1 Night"
Whethan's "love gang"
Yasutaka Nakata's "Crazy Crazy"

Migos & Quavo

"Motorsport" with Nicki Minaj & Cardi B
Katy Perry's "Bon appétit"
Steve Aoki's "Night Call"
A$OP Mob's "RAF"
Liam Payne's "Strip That Down"
Post Malone's "Congratulations"

Run The Jewels & Killer Mike

"Mean Demeanor"
DJ Shadow's "Nobody Speak"
Danger Mouse's "Chase Me" with Big Boi
Cuz Lightyear's "Pots & Pans"


Favorite Albums of 2017




You can watch/listen to the first 200 tracks here.  The rest are on YouTube.


Some of my favorites


Favorite Album Art

These are some of my favorite covers from the 2017 Playlist.


The Final Track List


CSV Download

The 2017 Playlist on a Spreadsheet

Just in case Spotify and YouTube ever go down, here is a downloadable CSV file.  You can print it out and put it on your wall or something.


Thank you for taking the time to look through this page.  While listening to thousands of hours of music is endlessly inspiring, working on this playlist and website can be a chore and feels like a waste of time.  But my hope is someone out there will use this page and these playlists as a way to reignite their passion for music the way they have for me.  It's a true Fyre starter.  Speaking of which, all of the visuals for this year's playlist and website were heavily inspired by this.  See you in 2018!