Hi, I'm Jimmy!

My name is Jimmy Weber and I am a filmmaker, graphic designer, writer, musician and animator.  I have a unique personality and even weirder interests, so my work and styles vary greatly.

For the past 8 years, I've built a solid freelance career designing and animating motion graphics for broadcast media and commercial entertainment.

In 2007, along with Annie Baker, I started Pretty People Pictures: a boutique production company specializing in the development and production of commercial genre films.

In 2014, we released our first feature film, EAT, which has quickly developed a cult following.  Ain't Cool News said, “EAT will affect you like few other horror films do. It will twist your heart while it churns your stomach. Not just a gorefest, but a gorefest with character and depth.”

In 2015, I launched a whole slew of self-initiated "personal" projects that include Vegas Baby Vegas, Brickman Basketball, Hey, I'm on TV! and many more.

You can learn about those projects and check out all of my work on this very site.  Enjoy.