Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies

One of my first jobs as a freelance designer and animator was for the Colorado Rockies when they were still on Fox Sports Network and just turned into Root Sports.  I did the show openings and graphics packages for for a number of Rockies-themed shows including:  Rockies Weekly with Jim Tracy, Double Play, Rockies All Access and Rockies Classics.  The shows ran for a couple of years and it was fun to see some of my early work on TV daily.  The graphics packages weren't as intense as something like Formula Drift but usually included the show intro, screen wipes and a logo "bug" to reside in the top corner.

Rockies Weekly with Jim Tracy

I traced all of the the drawings by hand on various layers of paper and scanned each of them.  I then used a bunch of ink dissolves to "bleed" them onscreen.

Rockies All Access

This whole thing was made in Cinema 4D with a little bit of compositing in After Effects.  The glass stuff took forever to render on my little laptop at the time.

Rockies Classics

I designed the branding for this show, as well as the package.  The main logo features the Denver skyline in front of a chrome baseball, all within the Colorado "C."

Squeeze Play

Squeeze Play was the "updated" package from Double Play.  I made the base in C4D using high res photographs provided by the Rockies.  


The post-game show had kind of a "barnyard" and "cowboy" feel for a little bit, so Root Sports had me make some fun interstitials.