CollegeInvest and BankPlus

For years now, producers have asked me, "Do you have edit reels that aren't horror movies?"  Well, despite my gory past, Bill Timmer and Futuristic Films let me cut a whole series of the most beautiful commercials with the cutest little kids you've ever seen.  Thank you Bill and Futuristic!!  To everyone who wanted something that wasn't gory, you can't get much better than this!

'Piece of Cake'    Director | Bill Timmer

'Hands'    Director  |  Bill Timmer

'The Recital'    Director  |  Bill Timmer

'Backpack'    Director  |  Bill Timmer

Virtual Reality

I handled a majority of the post production process on Colorado Lottery's "Play On, Colorado" 360 VR Experience.  This included stitching the equirectangular footage from three different VR camera rigs, 360 image stabilization from a VR helmet rig, encoding 360 spatial audio files for Facebook/Oculus compliance, as well as camera and crew removal in addition to your standard editing procedures.  It was an incredible experience and I learned so much about the entire VR process.  I can't wait to work on another VR project.

The website is super cool.  It includes both videos and an online video game!

Check out PlayOnColorado.com

Breckenridge Colorado

I cut a series of spots for Breckenridge Colorado through Cultivator and Futuristic Films.


Cutting trailers is still my favorite thing in the world.  If you have a kick ass movie and need a kick ass trailer, hit me up!