Formula Drift

Formula Drift

Formula Drift is the premier United States drifting series.

Adrenaline Garage created badass, state-of-the-art broadcast software for Formula Drift that revolutionized the league's broadcasts, as well as the sport.  For events that needed live feedback from judges, Adrenaline Garage created a real-time feedback system, complete with custom hardware and software, in which the judges used a dial to indicate which driver was doing better.  The output of each dial is fed in real-time to a graph which is synched with-in the replay. The software also allowed judges to input data and quickly tabulate a score.  The score is instantly composited into a graphic and displayed on screen.

What the hell did I have to do with this?  Well, someone needed to design all those fancy graphics!

2016 Rebrand


The client's request was to create a package that was sleeker and more modern than previous years.  This was also the first year where Adrenaline Garage's proprietary software was able to broadcast an embedded alpha channel.  With this in mind, each element required some form of transparency because it'd be dumb to waste the new technology ... plus it just looks better.

Approved boards for 2016 rebrand


The Package

Final delivery included an all-in-one After Effects project with complete walk-through instructions.

Final delivery included an all-in-one After Effects project with complete walk-through instructions.

As mentioned above, Formula Drift broadcasts involve a lot of fancy technology.  Each element needed to be built within a system so the judges and Adrenaline Garage's team could input the data for the graphic composites.  This required me to build a project file that anyone, anywhere, at anytime could open to build the graphics they needed.  Even though I do this sort of thing for fun, the FD16 package is my most comprehensive to-date.  This aspect of Formula Drift graphics packages is just as important, if not more important, than the design.

Click here to see how the elements animated onscreen

Dynamic deliverables such as the "Weather Bug" required design elements for all possible scenarios

These bumpers were also included in the package