You've heard the urban legend...this is worse.


INCUBATOR was selected to over 50 international film festivals.

Think you know this story already? Oh no, this short film takes the set-up in a whole new twisted direction.
— Blumhouse.com
A brilliant set-up leading to an intense denouement that moves in a Cronenberg-like direction.
— Rue Morgue Magazine
Incubator is a damn cool short that will take you by surprise with its gory climax.
— Ain't It Cool News



Best Colorado Short Film 
Mile High Horror Film Festival

Best Micro Short Film
Fear Fete Horror Film Festival

Best Micro Short Film
Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 

Best Short Film Director (Jimmy Weber) 
Fear Fete Horror Film Festival

Best Short Film Actor (Luke Sorge)
Fear Fete Horror Film Festival

Most Intense
Couch Fest Films

Best Short Film Special Effects (Midian Crosby)
Maverick Movie Awards

Best Short Film
Rhode Island Horror Film Festival

Killer Short
Killer Film Fest

Killer Actor (Luke Sorge)
Killer Film Fest

Killer SFX 
Killer Film Fest

Best Horror Short
Indie Spirit Film Festival