Pretty People Merch!

I've been an avid collector my entire life.  From baseball cards to enamel pins, I'm generally collecting some form of junk or another (btw - there's going to be a cool page about that on this site, eventually).  So making junk of my own was only a matter of time.  Whenever I get bored and feel like making something spooky, I like to whip up a new Pretty People Pictures shirt and sell it on TeePublic.com.  During the 2015/16 enamel pin resurgence, I thought it'd be cool to make a pin for EAT.  And since I have over 100 movie screen prints, I figured it'd be silly NOT to make one for my own film.  Below is a random assortment some of the junk I've made over the years.

You can buy any of these items at the Pretty People Pictures Store

You can buy any of these shirts at TeePublic.com