Movie Magic

Girl at the Club

The characters my movie EAT go to a sketchy nightclub where footage is projected onto the wall.  Since the hook of the film is "a girl who eats herself," I thought it would be fitting if the projected footage was of a fierce model (Valeriya Fil) with an oral fixation.  The music is by SKRILLEX used without permission for editing purposes only.

I Directed, Edited and Colored this.

Urban Hope

There's a couple of TV shows in The Frame, and like any TV show, they needed show intros and commercials.  These were played on TVs during key scenes within the movie.  Urban Hope is a dramatic medical procedural, so I tried to create something similar to a lame weeknight show you'd see on network television.  It was fun to overthink this.  The show was late in the season, so I figured they'd have one of those "cut down" intros where they only have the title and maybe a credit or two after a thrilling cold-open. 

Double Edge Films supplied me with the footage and I made the rest.

Thieves & Saints

Thieves and Saints is another TV show within The Frame.  I wanted the promo for this gritty, cartel thriller to feel like the opposite of Urban Hope.  The warm, positive and feminine feeling of Urban Hope is gone in this cold, masculine and hopeless promo.  This one was especially fun to make.  Jamin Winans is a great action director so it was quite an honor to cut his footage.

Double Edge Films supplied me with the footage and I made the rest.