I was a few months away from turning 30 and the music I was listening to was the same shit I liked in high school.  I realized I was completely out of touch it bummed me out.  So instead of cowering under my tangible album sleeves of yesteryear, I ventured into the deep, dark, digital seas of Spotify.  My life would never be the same.

I quickly became addicted to finding new artists.  I was driven to find great musicians I had never listened to, mark them down and move on to the next great find.  Discovering music I could sit and listen to didn’t interest me at the time.  I just wanted to fill a new roster.  If I did this for a year, eventually I would have a renovated library of music I could enjoy more than ever before.  My theory worked out WAY better than I expected.

By the end of 2015, I had a playlist of 400 songs that was cut down to 125 songs by 125 different artists.  These aren't songs that debuted in 2015 but songs I discovered in 2015.  On the playlist are some new jams from old favs but mostly artists who have become my new obsession.  It all started off when I fell in love with Natalia Kills which lead me to Willy Moon, Charli XCX and Marina and the Diamonds and eventually Tove Lo, Sky Ferreira, Dragonette, Ladyhawke, Boom! Bap! Pow!, Gin Wigmore, Elle King, Royal Headache and Amanda Blank.  I devoured all of their albums and felt renewed as a person.  And that’s just 13 artists of the 125 on my playlist!  I haven’t even looked into discographies of most of the 125 artists!

Half way through the year, I realized my little hobby was actually turning into a solid piece of playlisting.  Since then, I’ve been preparing this page.  A lot of my friends and family ask me for music recommendations and now I can just send them this link.  But I made this mostly as a little musical yearbook.  This was the soundtrack to my life this year through the ups and downs.  I can’t wait to revisit this page for years to come.

So that’s why I’ve collected so much shit.  Below you will find The 2015 Playlist, my 15 Favorite Albums of the Year, my Spotify "Year in Review" information, and a YouTube playlist of all the 2015 songs that have music videos.  This single page provides hours of entertainment.  

I love it.  I hope you do too xoxo

My favorite albums of 2015

I wrote up a list of my favorite albums of 2015.  I put a bunch of music videos on there and everything.  But it's too big to post on this page.  So if you're interested, you can check it out below.

Check it out here