Spotify Year in Music

2015 was a weird time for music.  It seemed like there were more streaming services than working musicians.  But one served me well this year and it was Spotify.  A majority of the music I discovered was through the Discover Weekly playlist - a two hour playlist of new artists, every week.  Spotify seamlessly linked to everything I used from my iPhone to iPad to Macbook to Playstation 4.  I also like to keep a spreadsheet backup of all my playlists and this was no problem with IFTTT.  I mean, I literally listened to over 670 hours of music through Spotify, so obviously, I'm quite pleased with it.

But my favorite feature from Spotify is its Year in Music profile.  You log in and it generates a bunch of beautiful statistics based on what you listened to throughout the year with cool graphics and corresponding music.  Perusing the results is always fascinating.  In order to revisit this in the future, I've screen captured my Year in Music profile and have posted it below.  Who knows how long these streaming services will be around . . .

Top Five Artists



Music through the seasons


You don't think Spotify is just going to make some fluffy little stat site without dishing out some new jams, do you?  Spotify's Year in Music lists the top five genres you listened to and then gives you a massive playlist for each.  I've only skimmed through these so far, so I have no idea if they are any good.  I don't even know what Metropolis is, but apparently I like it!





Alternative Dance