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Various personal pieces from over the years.


More Film Work

Arrow: Mobility

I directed this Telly Award-winning commercial.

Things I've made for movies


Side Projects

Hey, I'm on TV!

You wanted to be on TV, we see you.

Brickman basketball association

The world's largest collection of digitally created NBA mini-figurines.


Things I've Made


All the junk I've made that you can buy.

Free Fonts / Typefaces

Free typefaces for you to download!


Personal Stuff

Bullets & Bloodshed

Essays, blog posts and tumblr stuff.


Photos of my beautiful cat.

Poster Collection

My personal art collection.


Yearly Playlists

The 2015 Playlist

125 Songs. 125 Artists.

The 2017 Playlist

450 Songs. 450 Artists.

The 2016 Playlist

300 Songs. 300 Artists.