The Frame

When I started doing VFX work, I dreamed of working on a project like The Frame.  For an entire summer, I drove over to Jamin and Kiowa Winans' house, camped out in their basement and worked on shots all day long.  We had plenty of time, a good budget, long lunch breaks and tons of fun.  The shots were challenging but I learned an endless amount working on them.  I would break down the shots on this page, but I don't want to spill any details and ruin the movie.  Jamin was so secretive about the story details during post production, I honestly had no idea how these shots played into the rest of the movie as I was working on them.  This may seem unusual, but Ink is one of my favorite movies ever and Film School Rejects titled their review of The Frame 'A Sci-Fi Miracle Among the Chaos of Indie Filmmaking,' so it was all good.  And since I had no idea how these shots played into the rest of the movie, after months of hard work, when I saw the final product at the The Frame's premiere, it was that much more exciting.  If you want to check out The Frame, go to DoubleEdgeFilms.com and grab yourself a copy and a bunch of other awesome stuff!